Why me?

Pursuing graduate studies, seems to have been a trigger to my mid-life crisis.

  • I applied to graduate studies in the summer of 2010.
  • My mother suffered a severe stroke Labour Day weekend, 2010.
  • April 2012 I suffered a severe concussion in a sport.
  • My father had to retire early in order to take care of my mother
  • My mother has developed dementia/Alzheimer’s.

It’s a short list, but trust me, it packs a stressful punch!  During all this I have begun a journey of self discovery.  People who know me, ask me how I manage with all this s#!^ on my plate.  I sometimes wonder myself.  It was suggested that I keep a diary to put all my thoughts down.  Frankly, in this digital age, I am more comfortable with a keyboard.  I no longer recognize my own handwriting anymore aside from my signature.

So the purpose of this blog is mainly to be self-therapeutic.  People have told me that my e-mails have always been funny and entertaining because I write how I speak.  I assumed that would be true for everyone.  Perhaps I may have a unique flavour to add to the blogosphere.  Passions in life that keep me going are my pet rabbit, saving money and helping others.  I would love to learn more about personal finances, time management while trying to remain positive.  If you have helpful suggestions and comments, by all means TELL ME PLEASE!

I would like to keep all my posts light, yet anonymous.  By writing this blog without a face, I can be more free with my feelings.  I had a blog once and I told everyone I knew about it.  It turned out the people I talked to every day would prefer to pressure me into writing a post, so they could read it rather that ask me how I was doing.  WTF?  I realized that I wasn’t very articulate, and I express myself better with the written word.  The blog became more of a chore and a source of stress and resentment.  In a year, I wanted out of my outlet.  So now, this one is for me.  It’s my blog and I’ll type when I want to.

Here we go!

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