Colour Purple

Purple is my favourite colour!  If I’m buying something, and it’s available in purple, it makes my decision so much easier!  Even if it’s something I wasn’t looking for, if it’s purple, it will catch my eye.  I don’t know what it is, it’s a colour that makes me happy to look at it.  Is that weird?

I was on a cruise this past summer, and we had a stop off in the Bahamas.  I was so good not to get my Canon SD1000 wet all day.  Then at the end of the day, I forgot that I had it in my mesh, back pack.  A friend and I decided to go for one last dip in the salt water ocean….   Fortunately the SD card didn’t fry and I was able to retrieve my photos.  The camera however wouldn’t power on.  Even when I left the battery out to dry.  Months later, I’m sad to say that it never took another snap.  It has served me well for a good 5 years.  I got it on sale for $180 back in the day.  It was a good deal.  So I’ve been camera shopping for a while.  I considered a waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof – (possibly idiot proof)  camera.  I consulted a photographer friend of mine about what he thought of the Olympus TG1.  He told me waterproof cameras were over rated, and NO ONE looks good under water.  He recommended a Sony RX100.  I looked it up, and it’s a $700 camera!  As a professional, that’s his idea of a pocket camera to whip out for that great shot that’s comparable to his DSLR.  I was actually looking for something 1/6 that price.

As a nerdette, I was one of the early adopters of a digital camera.  The first one I bought was a Canon brick, that required a compact flash.  It was a necessary evil and a graduation present for myself … along with a trip to the Dominican Republic and a summer in Europe.  I dropped that one 4 years later and the LCD screen cracked.  I was still functional, because it had a view finder but it seemed like it was time for a new one.  I surfed around, and ended up with my second Canon, the SD1000 after a friend sent me a Red Flag Deals tip of a good sale.

I surfed the internet a little more, listened to a bunch of reviews on compact cameras and once again, gravitated to the Canon Elph 110HS, 320HS and the S100.  The Elphs were all in the $200 range, and the S100 was in the $400 range, and the most comparable to the Sony RX100.  Now it was a matter of waiting for a good sale.  Boxing day is just around the corner!  Emails from Amazon, Blacks, Sony, Red Flags, Future Shop, Best Buy etc. were bombarding me daily with emails. had a really good deal for the Elph 110HS at $149.90.  Future Shop had  at $159.99.  They also have a policy where they will beat any price by 10% of THE DIFFERENCE between prices.  For my $10 difference, I would be haggling for $1.  I poked around the site a little more and found the 320HS at $189.99, with the case.  Best buy had it listed for over $200.  I was pretty sure I had my heart set on the 320HS.  I was even day dreaming about blogging with pictures easier with the Wi-Fi feature.

I had to run into Costco for gas, and for grins, I decided to see what cameras they had.  Their website indicated they had the 320HS, with case and a 16GB SD card for $199.99.  For $10, the SD card would be worth it.  THe downside is, the only colour choice was silver.  It looked too similar to the SD1000 I fried.  I also know that I would be reminded of what a complete tool I was.  I mean, an electrical engineer, taking a digital camera for a swim?  :/


I got to the camera display, and what caught my eye?

A purple 310HS!  Then I scanned the display for a price – $79.99!  What?  It had a red “last item” stamped on the label.  I had to quickly Google 310HS vs 320HS.  It was quite a mixed bag of features.  The 310 pros: 12.1Mpixel, 8x zoom, $79.99, and PURPLE!  310 cons: no Wi-Fi.  The 320HS pros:

16.1Mpixel, touch screen, Wi-Fi.   320 cons: 5x zoom, $199.99, not purple.

So of course I come to my senses and go back for the 310!IMG_2181 case was missing the SKU and price but I found the nice guy who helped me before.  He took the camera out of the case and went to the office in search of the box.  He met up with me at the cash when another Costco employee ran up to him holding the missing label.  She said she was trying to get it for another customer but couldn’t find the camera.  He told her it was in the box.  The cashier had the box in his hand and didn’t know if he should scan it in or hand it over to the angry Costco lady.  My guy told her tough luck.  Funny how I never wanted the camera more, until someone else was trying to snatch it out of my hand.

The moral of the story is, if you see something at a price that’s too good to be true, and in your favourite colour, why think twice?  The lesser moral is, don’t go swimming with a back pack!

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