DIY Self-Watering Pots

I like plants because I like oxygen.  A major obstacle is that I don’t have a green thumb.  This is due to being forgetful, which is due in part to multitasking, which is due to having a lot on my plate and in my head.  You get the idea.  I have some pretty, ugly, plastic self-watering containers.  Why can’t they be pretty self-watering containers?  Google is my bestfriend for information.  I found this video and thought I hit pay dirt!

Irrigation pipe and float you say?  Find it where now?  I did some web searching and they seemed to cost around $30.  I’m way too cheap for that.  I went grocery shopping and the dollar store was next door.  I figured it was worth a look for irrigation materials.

From the dollarstore I found:

  • a plastic funnel that had a pipe that looked large enough for irrigation purposes.
  • pebbles instead of leca.
  • A microfiber cloth as the porous membrane to wick water up to the soil.







Great, now what do I do with all this junk?

    • I really like the look of the ceramic pots at IKEA but they don’t offer any drainage.  So I layered the pebbles at the bottom.
    • I took the funnel off and cut slits in the bottom of the pipe so that water would be able to flow into the pebbles.
    • Cut the corners off of the microfiber cloth and a hole for the pipe.  Place it on  the pebbles.
    • Place some soil, then the root ball of the plant and fill with soil.


Pour water into the pipe and do it again when you remember.

IMG_0889That’s it!  For a few dollars you can make a self watering pot out of any pot to match your decor.  If you really feel you need a water level indicator, you can shape a piece of styrofoam to fit the pipe, and jam a straw into it.  Make sure the straw is about as tall as the pipe.  When you add enough water, the level fills up to the top of the pebbles, the styrofoam will become buoyant and you will see the top of the straw rise up the pipe.

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