Cordless Snow Joe can blow!

So I’ve been busy moving into a new house…. or rather a new to me house.  There are plenty of things that need to be done.  The previous owners did a lot of great updates that I would have done like the flooring, high efficiency furnace etc.  However, they didn’t care about cabinet or closet organization, but that’s another gripe for another post.

There are plenty of pros to owning a single, detached house when compared to a home owners association (that’s run like a militant condo).  The only con so far is that I have to take care of my own landscaping.  This means in the dead of winter, I have to dig myself out of snow storms.  Given my larger lot, 2 car wide driveway, a 10′ long walkway, it’s a back ache.  I had bought a wider, multitasking snow shovel.  The shovel is great for pushing snow, but it still requires muscles and physical labour.  Being a petite, female, it’s not what I’m built for.  I noticed neighbours had driveway markers for a snow clearing company.  I called them and received a quote for $190 for January-April 1.  The fine print said they will only come and clear out the driveway if the weather is FORECASTED to dump 5 cm of snow.  I interpreted this to mean, if it calls for 4 cm, and the wind blows more on top and buries you, good luck with that.  So I figured I’d take a gamble and take my chances.  Well the first 5cm snow fall came, blew more into the driveway.  It didn’t “look” like a lot, but it sure did weigh enough.  By the time I finished pushing and lifting the G4 to clear the driveway and walkway, my back was aching, and the rest of my body was soaked in sweat.  I needed a 1 hour nap afterwards.  When I woke up, I had to start researching snow blowers.

Everyone I know has a gas snow blower.  It has more power to clear the wet heavy stuff, the wheels are powered so all you have to do is steer, no cords to deal with.  The downside is they can be loud, environmentally unfriendly, and the engine requires maintenance.  My car is the only engine I want to care for and frankly, I’m not interested in fixing engines.  Electric snow blowers are maintenance free, and cheaper.  The downside is, you have to have a receptacle handy, and a long power cord with the right gauge to support the amps of the snow blower.  These long, thicker, outdoor power cords could be more than half the cost of the electric snow blower.  Just when I thought I was going to pull the trigger on an electric snow blower I noticed that Lowes had a choice of a battery operated snow blower.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  Snow Joe iON is a cordless, electric snow blower!   I decided to go through to order my new snow blower and get my 2% cashback from Lowes at the same time.  If I’m going to buy it anyway why not right?  I picked it up at the store and was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it out of the car since a Lowes employee helped load it in my trunk.  I was surprised at how light it was.  It’s about 40 lbs and the box has handles on the side so it was just bulky and awkward, but manageable.  Most of it was already assembled.  This video shows how easy it was to put together:

IMG_1334Voila!  The cutest little snow blower I have ever

seen!  I think it must have been designed for women in mind because it’s so light weight and compact.


So I shoved the battery in, pressed the button to make sure it was fully charged and gave it a go!  I made one trail out of the garage just to see if it could cut through the fresh snow that fell last night.  I was quite impressed that it was able to blow through 8″ of snow pretty clean.


I started to dig into the right side of the driveway in order to blow all the snow to my yard on the left because I’m sure my neighbour on the right wouldn’t appreciate more than her fair share of snow in her single car driveway.  So I would say that the snow built up over 10″ as I moved towards the left and knew that it was really working hard.  It’s also around the time I noticed I had kicked the led light on by accident so that may have eaten some of the battery.  The battery did start to die as I was clearing the mounds of snow in front of my door and steps.




I finished my front steps and tidied up the driveway with the G4 shovel which was quite manageable since Joe did the lion’s share of the work.  I brushed the snow off the poor little guy and put him away in my garage.  Since he’s so small he fits perfectly on the side of the garage with my car inside.  By tucking the handle forward, it’s easy for passengers to hop out of the back and walk around it.  IMG_1347

I slid the battery out and when I got back inside I put it in the charger where it’ll take 2-3 hours to recharge.  I’m hoping the cost of a replacement battery comes down so that I can pick up another later, probably from Amazon at some point.  I had my doubts but I’m very impressed and happy with this cordless Snow Joe.  It gives you the cordless freedom of gas, but without the maintenance and gas emissions of electric.  Since it’s small and lightweight, it’s really easy to store.

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