Love leather, don’t want to BE leather

I LOOOVE leather accessories – handbags, shoes, jackets etc.  I’ve never understood sun worshipers who think they look better with tanned, leathery skin.  Perhaps back in the 80s but it’s 2014 people!  Haven’t people heard of skin cancer?  I was reading an article in this weekend’s paper “Full Exposure to Sunscreen“.  I can’t believe 1,050 Canadians are expected to DIE from melanoma THIS YEAR.

Lately I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin.  The RMT yesterday complimented me on having great skin – as he choked it with a gallon of oil.  In the past few months I’ve been asked for my I.D. when I asked to buy a lottery ticket.  They told me they couldn’t sell a lottery ticket to someone under 18 years old.  When they looked at my driver’s license and did the math they were shocked that I’m 37!  It gets a little embarrassing when you hold up a grocery store line, and then people are talking about your looks like you’re not even there.

Everyone keeps asking me what my secret is besides being Asian.  I really don’t think my heritage has much to do with it.  There are a lot of hard looking Asians out there.  It seems as if once they hit 60 – BAM!  Wrinkles come out and they all shrink by a foot.  Perhaps that’s just me.  But even Asians find it remarkable that I look at least 10 years younger than I actually am.  So there!  I would say the biggest contributing factor to my ageless skin is …. are you ready?  SUNSCREEN!  Didn’t see that coming right?  Anyway… Back in the 90s I recall tanning and tanning beds were huge.  Everyone wanted to be brown.  Especially around graduations, or some other event.  People thought it made them look better and they were going to do it at any cost.  I admit, I was one of them.  Only I was much cheaper about it.  Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to lie in a blue capsule, I would climb up on the flat roof of our house, coat myself in baby oil and spread out whenever the sun came out.  I was darker than anyone else at grad.  You couldn’t tell that I was wearing makeup I was so bloody dark.  Perhaps I’ll scan in a picture if I dare to unearth such horror.  Around that time I remember mom telling me about articles about how a young girl wanted to speed up the tanning process.  She didn’t heed the advice of tanning salons to go the maximum number of sessions per week.  She went to multiple salons and doing the maximum per salon, per week.  She was later diagnosed with advanced skin cancer with months to live.  She basically microwaved herself and internal organs.  No one can scare the hell out of you like mom does.

Once graduation was done, I was done with the sun.  I became obsessed with sunscreen.  Turns out sunscreen was not so big on me.  Vaseline lip therapy was one of my first skin irritants.  I thought it was benign, and assumed it was the deadly sun that created the blisters and itchy skin around my mouth.  I would apply more on for “protection”.  It took a while but I smartened up.  I would go into the drug store, try a dab of different sunscreens, and if I didn’t breakout, I would buy it.  You can thank me for why they put safety seals on now.  It turned out the only one I could tolerate was Oil of Olay with SPF 15 because it didn’t contain Oxy Benzone.  Even Coppertone for babies wasn’t baby enough for my skin.  Oil of Olay wasn’t cheap, but hey, it was the only armour I had against cooking myself like a slow rotisserie. So since the age of 18, I never left the house without applying it on my face at the very least. So, the brands that I pick up whenever I see them on sale are:

  • Oil of Olay – Walmart usually has good prices
  • Green Beaver – Health food stores.  Stock up on 20% off customer appreciation day at Kardish.
  • La Roche-Posay Ultra Fluid Lotion for the face is a great sunscreen and primer.  Not cheap, but you are paying for their research.  Wait till it goes on sale at the drug store.
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios lotion is a little thicker and meant for spreading along the body.
  • Dr. Jart Premium BB cream for those looking for a one step process for SPF protection, a primer and coverage.  You can get this at Sephora when they have their 15-20% off days.  I had to get this when I was in the U.S.  I don’t think they stock any Dr. Jart products in Canada.  They’ll certainly ship it to you.

That’s it!  My secrets have been revealed!  Now cover yourselves and drink plenty of water.  You can stop the damage and time!  What’s good for you, is also good enough for your kids.  If you read the ingredients, it’s different packaging.  If I can use it without breaking out in rashes and blisters, your kids will be more than fine.