Where has Ebates been all my life?

I just discovered that I could have been MAKING MONEY from all the online shopping I do.  Isn’t that just a kick in the pants?  There are two separate Ebates, one for Canada, and one for the U.S.  I have accounts for both because I tend to shop at Amazon.com and if no one will ship it to me in Canada, I will settle for Amazon.ca.  There are way more stores listed under Ebates.com that aren’t listed under Ebates.ca but the Canadian one is organized a little better.  You can still shop at the Canadian version of stores on Ebates.com but not vice versa.  Then you can get your “big fat cheque” in U.S. dollars instead of Canadian. You may also have to compare the percentage of cash back you’ll get.  You can get 10% back from Ebates.ca from Toms Shoes.  You will only get 5% back from Ebates.com for Toms.  You’ll also find more promo codes on Ebates.com.  So there are pros and cons on why you should get both.  The bottom line is, at the end of your shopping day, you’ll get a cheque, and you can leave it to the bank to do the conversion.  There seems to be a lot of debate whether this is for real or a scam.  It seems to have been in the U.S. since the late 90’s.  They even have an A+ BBB rating in spite of all the complaints.  I’ll be a personal judge and jury if I ever get over $5 of credit and will update this blog entry.

I realized my rant may have be more than a little confusing.  Probably ’cause I have been kicking myself over the money I could have made by spending it.  So I’ll break it down by listing the stores I could have made money from, and which would provide the most benefit for future reference.

UP to 2% Amazon CanadaUP to 8% Amazon
5% Gunnar Optiks5% Gunnar Optiks
12% WaySpa6% WaySpa
8% The Body Shop Canada6% The Body Shop Canada
10% The U.S. Version
10% Toms Shoes Canada5% Toms Shoes Canada
6% Groupon4.6% Groupon
Up to 4% Walmart CanadaUp to 2% Walmart Canada
4% For the U.S. Version
4% Living Social4% Living Social + coupon codes
Up to 5% PricelineUp to 5% Priceline
2% Hotwire2% Hotwire
5% Clearly Contacts5% Coastal
NONE!!!4% Crocs Canada
3% Budget Rent-A-Car3% Budget Rent-A-Car
Up to 8% Chapters IndigoUp to 5% Chapters Indigo
25% McAfee Canada12.5% McAfee Canada
(The U.S. Version does get 70% off Clearance.)
2% Dell Canada + Coupons1% Dell Canada
4% Dell Consumer + coupon codes
4% Old Navy Canada2% Old Navy Canada
8% DSW4% DSW + coupon codes
1% Ebay.caEbay - NONE (WTF?)
5% Sephora8% Sephora + coupon codes
5 % Forever 21 Canada + coupon codes2.5 % Forever 21 Canada + coupon codes
2% for The U.S. Version but more coupon codes

This is not an exhaustive list.  I just realized the limitations of using the Ultimate tables plugin for making pretty tables.  The problem seems to be that I can’t expand my simple 2 column table past 21 rows.  It will clear all my data if I do… I will have to find another solution in order to continue my comparison.  To be continued …

Out with the old …

So I’ve been recovering from a concussion … I’ll explain more on that later.  Part of the recovery process is to avoid watching the TV, using the computer or smart phones.  What’s left?  Well, fortunately my Kindle 3G (third gen, with keyboard) has a text to speech option.  Sure Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t stir up the same emotions when read by Stephen Hawking.  I found out afterwards that you can select a female voice which sounds much smoother than the male voice.  When I was well enough to feel bored, I started cleaning out my closets.  This turned into reorganizing and building up piles of stuff I no longer needed.  Of course I polled friends to see if anyone wanted first dibs.  The stuff that was left had to be dropped off to charities.


  • Dress for Success – Business clothes, jewelry, makeup, products, purses and shoes  for job interviews.
  • Fairy Godmother – Prom or bridesmaid dresses, purses and shoes.
  • Canadian Diabetes – They offer to pick it up from your house and also accepts household items.
  • Value Village – Clothes and household items.


  • Money for Metal – if you have the time and large quantities, some money is better than non.
  • Foxy Recycle – If you just want those old computers, TVs, unwanted electronics gone, make sure they don’t end up in the landfill.


I’m sure it’s rare that anyone would have alcohol lying around going bad.  In my case I had made batches of home made wine that was sitting around for years.  I believe they don’t age well.  I also had bottles of wine that were given out as wedding favours.

I’m sure there are many other deserving charities that take in used items.  These are the ones that I found to donate specific items.